Hi readers,

Hope you’ve all been well. Another quick update — I am, and have been, dedicating most of my free time to a project I’m aiming to complete before year-end. Unfortunately, this means fan fiction is going to take a back seat. While I’ll continue to write the fics I’ve had planned out, I’m afraid you can’t expect speedily releases for them, not for the rest of the year at least, until I’ve concluded my other project.

Outside of that, as far as fan fiction is concerned, my current WIP is a multi-chaptered MHA fic featuring Izuku and Ochaco. I’d like to get all the chapters done before releasing them, about 4 or 5 in total. I’ve already completed the first two. However, I’m toying with the idea of writing and publishing one-shots after I complete every chapter. Of course, this means the story will take longer to be completed, but on the other hand, the gulf between releases won’t be as great. The recent Bea-centric one-shot, Bea-ting The Heat, is a fic I wrote after completing the second chapter of my current WIP. So the next step would be to write chapter 3, then write another one-shot and release that, and so on and so forth, until I complete the MHA story.

I don’t know. If any of you have a strong preference on how I should go about it let me know. Should I rather dedicate my focus on completing the MHA fic, or keep dropping one-shots between every chapter I write etc?

Either way, I thank you for your the patience, and have an awesome rest of your day/night! 🙂

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