So, progress on Under Covers Investigator chapter 3 has been a little sluggish. I’m currently in the second scene of about seven. In the meantime, I found an old Naruto fic I’d written years ago called Slippery Slope, did a little editing and have re-published it here. Looking at my past stories is an amusing and sometimes cringey experience haha. But there’s plenty in the writing I still like so my plan is to continue putting out older fics in between the new works I’m writing. I have a few more and will upload another in 2 weeks if I’m not done with Under Covers Investigator by then.

Thanks for your patience as always! As for me, I’ve been well, can’t complain about much. I’m going to be making some living adjustments this weekend which unfortunately will cut into my writing time but can’t be helped.

Take care, everyone and keep well. 🙂


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