Hey there,

Happy to report I finally got the Momo x Mineta MHA fic done! 😀 Was an interesting experience to say the least. I experimented with some light BDSM / humiliation themes I haven’t taken on before. Despite the second chapter being some 10K words long, I can see why the lemon scene may feel a bit short for some people. I was tempted to expand this into a third chapter tbh but in the end I felt the shortness was appropriate in how it mirrored Mineta’s performance. Plus, everything that needed to be addressed before the culmination had already addressed. But feel free to let me know your feelings on it if you’ve read it.

Next update I’m going to make is the third and final chapter of Under Covers Investigator. When is it likely going to be done? Can’t say just yet. I’ll post another update around this time next week and let you know how far along I am.

Additionally, I’m going to be revising and uploading an old Naruto fic I’d written a while ago. Since it’s the draft is already done, I’m sure I’ll be able to get it up at the same time as Under Covers Investigator or possibly even before.

Thanks for your patience!

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