Hey guys,

Just thought I’d take a quick moment to share some thoughts on my writing. Try as I might, it’s become more and more apparent that there really is no sure-fire way for me to predict the timelines of my uploads. There are so many factors to consider and account for, and even when you do, there are unpredictabilities that prop up and push everything you’ve planned days, weeks or even months back. I’ve tried to be optimistic but every time a deadline comes and goes and I haven’t managed to publish anything like I’d set out to do, it just makes me feel like a huge let down.

Have to say, most of you have been great about it, extremely patient and very understanding. I really appreciate that SO MUCH. 🙂 Knowing there are people out there keen to read future chapters and updates on my fics gives me even more motivation to write them. Which is exactly what I plan to do.

However, while I still have every intention of completing all the stories I’ve started here, it’s with regret I have to say I won’t be giving anymore “predictions” on when future chapters will be coming out (not that my predictions have been any useful anyway lol). Essentially, new chapters will be published whenever they’re ready – I can’t be any more specific than that unfortunately. The order of the next three fics remain the same (Under Covers Investigator, May’s Valentines Surprise then Once Bitten, Twice Bi). BTW, the original plan was for the next chapter of Under Covers Investigator to be the last, but due to length I’m going to be splitting into two final chapters. I’m one scene away from completing what will now be called chapter 3 and I’ll be starting on chapter 4 in the next coming days. Current word count of chapter 3 is 8,657 if anyone is interested in that stuff.

I’ve contemplated putting Chapter 3 out soon as it’s done but I’d prefer to put 3 and 4 out together. Sometimes during the editing process I like to go back to previous chapters and make sure plot points are consistent. Wherever I can help it, I’d much rather do that without the previous chapters already being published. That’s my one pet peeve with publishing stories one chapter at a time. ^^’

Anyway, till next time, keep well everybody!

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