Author’s Notes

Author’s Notes – A Write Off

Hey guys, It's with sadness I have to report that the last 7 days or so have been a write off as far progress on any of fics is concerned. Once again, IRL responsibilities reared their ugly head and I've barely been able to find a minute to write. But as of tomorrow,...

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Author’s Notes – On to the next one (or two)!

Hey there, Happy to report I finally got the Momo x Mineta MHA fic done! 😀 Was an interesting experience to say the least. I experimented with some light BDSM / humiliation themes I haven't taken on before. Despite the second chapter being some 10K words long, I can...

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Author’s Notes – Ho Hum

Hi guys, Once again I find myself having to apologize for the delay. I must sound like  a broken record at this point. ^^' I spent the last week and a half helping a buddy of mine fulfill a business need. While I'm happy to report it was ultimately a success and I did...

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Author’s Notes – Still cumming…

Hi guys! So turns out, I didn't get as much time to finish up the new My Hero Academia Fic fic as I'd anticipated. ^^' Also, looks like I'm going to split it into two chapters rather than one long one-shot. I'll be uploading both chapters at the same time here. Sorry...

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October 10, 2020

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